“Haba na haba hujaza kibaba”

Little by Little
becomes a lot

Join Little Paths to fight suffering and poverty in Mwanza, Tanzania, through education.

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“Haba na haba hujaza kibaba”

Little by Little
becomes a lot

Join Little Paths to fight suffering and poverty through education.

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The Problem

The problem is the consequence of poverty: lack of opportunity.

What poverty does to families is compromises the opportunities available to them. And in most cases these consequences are generational. The problem is that these families are without the tools to support their children. Their children are not without the skills or the motivation to create successful futures. As a result, motivated children leave their families in hope of finding their own pathways to success. This can include seeking orphanage living, street living, child employment and other inappropriate and dangerous forms of survival. The problem is that children are leaving safe, loving homes because they lack the resources to care for them.

Our solution

Our Solution

Change a commmunity by educating a family.

We believe the solution begins with respect. We believe that a family knows what’s best for their children and we respect their needs, providing them with support to care for their children in their own way and guidance when and where it is wanted.

Our aim is to create strong families by providing school scholarships for the children’s entire secondary school journey, as well as providing tools that foster strength in families by providing ongoing and specific support to ensure their own future successes.

What we do

We provide:

  • Secondary school scholarships (years 7-10)
  • One year of VETA (TAFE equivalent) for year 10 school leavers
  • Senior school scholarships (years 11-12)
  • Support in application for government scholarship support for university placement
  • Sponsorship support for those who are successful in achieving university goals
  • Assistance for families of primary school students including uniforms and shoes where required
  • On-site tutorial program and life skills development for those not able to continue to higher education
  • Whole family support - where every sibling will access our scholarship support program
  • Holistic care for each family, ensuring safe and effective referral case management.

We support:

  • Our local social welfare team conducting home visits
  • Lifestyle education including health care and hygiene
  • Guidance - assisting their children with their educational planning and goal setting
  • The development of small kitchen gardens, built to feed families and reduce hunger
  • Providing solar lights that increase safety and the availability of increased study hours
  • A safe tutorial space used to further develop
  • English skills necessary for successful completion of senior school, provided by a local, qualified, English teacher.
  • Life skills and income generation skills such as sewing, crochet, gardening and farming practices, computer skills, networking opportunities for children and families
How can you help?

How can you help?

For as little as $1 a week you can be part of changing not only a child’s life, but a family’s.

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