Education is key to unlocking
the poverty barrier.

Education is the biggest barrier to success for families in Tanzania. The pressure of extreme poverty has prevented so many children from attending school, and we believe education is the key to unlocking this barrier.

For the year 2020, Little paths is giving the opportunity of education to 32 Families in Mwanza with 60 secondary school students and 36 primary school students. Every single one of our students has promised to work hard at school for their best options for the future.

 Little paths staff distributing uniforms to the students.

The Garden Program!

Our garden program has benefited many of our families too. They now have gardens that allow them to provide vegetables for their children, that they would not otherwise be able to afford every day. A long-term goal for Little Paths is for all families to engage in gardening activities, so we’re working on communicating about how helpful gardens can be and supporting them with everything they need to start one.

Little Paths students cooking their own lunch

Education opportunity for girls!

Most Australians understand that equal opportunity is the future of education, however many families in Tanzania still place more importance on educating a boy than a girl. Every day we see that rather than receiving an education, the girls of the family are cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, fetching water (kilometers away), taking care of the young children at home, etc.

Little Paths has started a program designed to help families understand the importance of educating girls – it not only allows for a better future for the student, but for an entire community. Our families are gaining understanding and are starting to believe in their girls.

Boarding school students

Because of the challenges faced by girls in the senior years of school, the Tanzanian Government provides subsidised boarding school for students in Advanced level (form five and six) with the aim to encourage equal opportunity in education.

Four Little Paths students attend boarding school – three female and one male – and we offer them uniforms, fees, food, bed and mattress, mozzie nets, school transport and healthcare. The girls have expressed how happy they are with their situation.

Our tutorial space offers sports,
learning and lunch!

Everything we do is to ensure our students are academically successful for the benefit of their futures and their communities. We regularly invite our secondary students into Pamoja House for English tutoring – vital for their studies as all classes are taught in English! We also provide lunch, which supports their health and allows them to better focus on lessons and learning. Our students really enjoy taking care of the gardens at Pamoja House. We plant vegetables that we cook for lunches after we harvest.

We believe students learn through sports and games, which we make time for at Pamoja House. The students enjoy their time together, playing football, singing and dancing.

Students tending to the garden at Pamoja house
Students playing soccer in their community


Little Paths is now powering forward with increased efficiency and the children are benefitting greatly as a result. More exciting news and events info will be shared right here. Keep your eyes on this space.

If you’d like to chat to a member of our team about creating a collaboration, email [email protected] or call Kate on 0421 378 393.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to sharing further updates with you soon!

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