Become a monthly sponsor

For as little as $1 a week you can be part of changing not only a child’s life, but a family’s.

Give $1

For as little as $1 per week you can provide:

• Paper and pencils for a child to study and learn
• Exam fees
• An optometrist visit
• Trainer fees for education workshops
• Travel for a child and prevent them from walking long distances to school
• The opportunity for a family to produce and care for their own garden, to provide nutritious meals for the children

Give $5

$5 per week can provide:

• Support for 10 kitchen gardens
• Secondary school fees
• 3 months security guard fees
• 6 months of electricity
• 6 months of water bills
• Secondary school equipment for 2 children

Give $10

For $10 per week you can provide:

• A full secondary school scholarship
• Our staff with safe and efficient transport to all families.
• A whole year of education for one child.
•  Teach young women how to care for their feminine health needs and provide safe, reusable sanitary options.

Give $20

A generous donation of $20 per week covers:

• 2 full secondary school scholarships
• The wage of a district nurse to visit our community and educate families about health care.
• Rent and food bills for an entire family

Project Donations

Help us run our projects by donating any amount you like.


Help us pay for:

Tutorial spaces $4000 a year
Driver fees $2000 a year
Help run the pa mojo house – $15,000 a year