Storming Bravely Forward

The month of June saw Little Paths expanding on our foundations to create further successes, adding new elements to existing programs, and creating plans for new ones. We are building ourselves up to even greater heights.

Bold Building Blocks

This month, Little Paths storms forward bravely, carving out a legitimate path to success for our students to witness and eventually embark upon!

July has seen Little Paths establish daily after-school tutorials for our secondary students, which is building on the Saturday Program run by our School and Family Liaison Officer, Joshua and Educator, Madam Neema. Adding daily tutorials will allow us to evolve our English language improvement program, one of the most important parts of our student support program.

Tanzanian students often struggle in secondary school because they go from a largely Swahili-taught primary education, to secondary school which is taught and examined in English.

A lack of English skills can leave students feeling hopeless, vulnerable and disempowered. They’re at higher risk of scoring lower than their true ability and failing exams as a result of the language barrier.

Little Paths works to bridge this gap through our tutorials, so it’s hugely exciting that they’re now held daily!

So far, the program extension has been a great success: as well as providing English tutorials and a feed, we also offer students somewhere safe and productive to be after school before their parents are home from work.

Typically, we cook rice and beans in tomatoes and onions (wali maharage if you’re keen to learn some Swahili!) – simple, filling and delicious! We received a generous donation of ingredients this month from Shamya Merali, a friend of Little Paths, allowing us to feed all the after-school students at no cost to us (thank you Shamya!).

This meal is a vital incentive to attract our students to tutorials after a long day at school. We all know how important avoiding hunger is for learning and we hope to incorporate the cost of food into our operational costs soon, but until that happens, any and all donations are much appreciated!

‘If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation’ – Dr James Kwegyir Aggrey

African Excellence Program

We are also excited to report that our African excellence program is fully operational!
Every month, a successful young Tanzanian is invited to come speak to our students about their own lives, the trials and tribulations they have faced, the impact their education had, and the position which they carved out for themselves in society.

Recently, an incredible young man named David visited us. David was homeless for a year as a very young boy, before he was taken to the orphanage where he was raised. He worked incredibly hard, completed school, graduated from university and is now working with a local orphanage.

Stories of hope, growth and success are an excellent motivator for our students, and visions of triumphant Tanzanians thriving in the very conditions they’re experiencing themselves, provide them with the fuel they need to shoot for the sky.

It is our honour to show these young people that African excellence is real, it is all around them, and it is within their reach.

Shining Moments

Our shining moment of July truly belongs to a couple of the brightest stars! We are extremely proud to share that two of our students, Student C and Student K, have graduated in the top of their classes and are preparing to start Form V and Form VI. (Australian high school and British A-Levels equivalent.)

Student C is dreaming of becoming a doctor and Student K is working towards becoming a teacher. Considering the innumerable barriers which girls face when getting their education, enough cannot be said to celebrate this incredible victory.


Next month will come with more news about our leadership, as we will have a new Program Manager, as well as two new tutors. We will also have more information for you regarding our sewing program, which we are working hard to realise.

If you’d like to chat to a member of our team about creating a collaboration, email [email protected] or call Kate on 0421 378 393.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to sharing further updates with you soon!

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