Little Paths newsletter June 2020

We don’t need to tell you how strange life has been recently, as we’ve all been affected in unique ways and have had to adapt to our changing world. As you can imagine, our staff and students in Tanzania have been dealing with a few challenges. Beyond the health risks and lack of sanitation and supplies, with education moving online, many of our students can’t access their work. The way we are supporting our students has changed a little, but the urgency of their needs has not.

So thank you so much for your ongoing support. In times of uncertainty, it’s easy for many to withdraw external supports and focus on immediate individual needs. Little Paths is lucky to have you as a loyal supporter. Very few people have discontinued their support, and now is the time our students really need it…so thank you.

Student S*

We have some sad news about one of our students. Student S is in hospital recovering from a hit and run last week. She suffered a broken leg, head trauma, bruising and lacerations and the family couldn’t afford to take her to hospital, so initially felt the full pain as the Bush Doctor completed his treatment. As you already know, Little Paths values and encourages community support rather than relying on foreign aid. As part of this commitment, we don’t cover medical needs as part of our support, but focus on education and supporting families to support themselves. However, we just could not ignore this special case.  A huge thanks to the sponsor who volunteered to pay Student S’s medical bills. As a result, Student S can access the support to heal and rehabilitate, relatively free from pain.

Our thoughts are with Student S’s family and hope she’s back to herself again soon.

In it together

Little Paths has donated a box of hand sanitiser to help the community with the current health risks. We had a bit of fun with it too!

Education Support During COVID-19

As everyone has, we’ve had to make some changes in the past few months. One of the more difficult ones was shutting the doors at Pamoja House, our tutorial space, right when our students needed it the most. As many of our students don’t have access to the online learning materials in the remote learning environment, we’ve been printing out their work for them to try to support them through as well as possible. this is a new cost that we hadn’t accounted for, but that is essential to prevent disruptions in their education as they approach exams.

Pamoja House has now reopened its doors within the government restrictions and we are able to provide their online learning material in printed form there, and some one-on-one support. The situation is complex and ongoing in Tanzania, so we’re treading carefully and ensuring we understand the learning needs of all our students at this strange time. With any luck, Pamoja House will be able to reopen fully soon and we’ll be able to get back to our old levels of support then. In the meantime, we’ll keep thinking up new ideas to support our communities and meeting their new needs as best we can.

Bags for Good

We still have some of our beautiful, washable bags for sale!

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the durability of our lovely bags and there’s the added bonus of being machine washable and ‘hygienically safe’ in the current climate.

100% of proceeds go to supporting our students in Tanzania. They come in 3 sizes and many stunning colours and designs.

Join 100 Club for your chance for $2,000

Only 20 more 100 club memberships to sell before we give someone $2000!

Time to get involved, and encourage your friends to do the same so we can draw our winner!

(Prize will be drawn July 1 and winners will be notified by email.)


*We respect our students and ensure and protect their happiness and safety as far as we can. For this reason we protect identities where it does not bring benefits to the students themselves.

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