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The impact that Little Paths has had on children, families and communities goes so much further than numbers.

There are generations of people whose lives have been lifted immeasurably as a direct result of the support that Little Paths has provided.

Our families receive no government support, and some have means to earn around $20 per week, mostly selling tomatoes, small fish and coal, and very few have electricity or running water. Often our students have not enough to eat, sometimes nothing at all: a problem exacerbated when any essential medications need to be taken with food. Such desperate situations can be improved with the right support.

Here are just a couple of examples of the impact we’ve had on lives, with the students’ identities protected.

He wants to become a pilot

The story of Student K.

The primary carer of 5 younger siblings and his Grandmother, Student K struggled with school attendance because of his family responsibilities. With the support of Little Paths, Student K graduated high school at the end of 2016 and wants to be a Pilot.

She tops her class consistently

The story of Student V.

Student V has lived with her Grandmother since her father left when she was young and her Mother dies of AIDS.

Before she met Little paths, Student V was experiencing severe abuse. Through case management, regular home visits and the provision of solar lighting, V lives safely and is able to concentrate on her dreams of training as a doctor, when she finishes her education. V tops her class consistently and is well on her way to achieving her dreams.

He dreams of being a doctor

The story of Student E.

Orphaned at a young age, Student F lives with his younger brother and an older relative. He was recommended to Little Paths by a social worker who recognised potential in him. He has since given up his begging and scavenging on the streets to focus on school so that he can realise his dreams of becoming a Doctor. In 2015 he was delighted to see his brother enter the Little Paths program too.

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